The Best Reasons To Love Additive Technologies

Additive technologies, also known as 3D printing, have the potential to revolutionize the medical field. One area where it is already impacting is the development of improved bone implants. Minnesota State University Mankato has partnered with a company specializing in additive technologies to develop new and innovative bone implants that are custom-fit for each patient.

The Best Reasons To Love Additive Technologies

Additive technologies, or 3D printing,

It is revolutionizing the medical field by providing custom-fit implants for each patient. Metal 3D printing company Additive Technologies has partnered with Minnesota State University Mankato to develop improved bone implants. This technology has the potential to revolutionize medical treatments.

It provides custom-fit implants for each patient rather than using mass-produced items that may not fit properly. The collaboration between these two organizations will allow for further research and development in this exciting field, which has the potential to change the lives of many people who require bone implants.


Additive technologies are already impacting the development of improved bone implants.

This partnership will allow Additive Technologies to use its state-of-the-art printers and materials to create more durable and life-like implants. In addition, the team at Additive Technologies will be working closely with MSU Mankato’s biomedical engineers to create customized implants that fit each patient’s unique anatomy.

These new implants will be lighter and stronger than traditional ones, making them easier for patients to recover from surgery. Additionally, the additive manufacturing process used by Additive Technologies is much more efficient than conventional methods, which means that these new implants will also be more affordable for patients. Additive Technologies has already received many awards and accolades for its 3D-printed titanium implants.


First Time Additive Technologies Partners

This isn’t the first time Additive Technologies has partnered with University of Michigan surgeons. Philippe Duval, CEO of Additive Technologies, commented: “We’re delighted to have signed this contract with Recon. With a market of more than 250,000 prosthetic knee and hip replacements in the EU every year, there is a clear need for new implants that can improve the quality of life for patients.

3D technicians also used additive manufacturing techniques to create new orthodontic braces. These braces are 25% lighter than conventional braces and more discrete and comfortable. The traditional production process for these orthodontic braces is time-consuming. The new additive will make the manufacturing process much faster and cheaper.

3D printed prostetic

Surgical implants are also being developed and tested using additive manufacturing. “This is an example of leveraging technology to produce high-quality, cost-competitive, and innovative products.

That will create sustainable value for our customers, partners, and shareholders,” said Mark Cola, President and CEO of Additive Technologies. “We are excited to bring our technology to the orthopedic market, are pleased with the progress of our partnership with DePuy Synthes, and anticipate continued growth in the coming years. Compound fracture of the femur.

hospital lab

“The need for advanced medical implants is very high. And the development of new ones is challenging due to their complex nature,” Additive Technologies CEO Frank Hartmann stated in a press release. “The qualification of Additive Technologies as a manufacturer for medical devices opens a new chapter in this field and opens up new opportunities for the entire industry.

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