How To Use Rafts or Brims For 3D Prints

detectiveThere’s a lot to consider when you’re 3D printing. But one of the most critical choices you’ll make is whether to use a raft or Brim on your print. So, which one should you choose?

What is a raft?

dental appliancesA raft is a 3D printing technique that allows for quick and easy production of large objects with complex geometries. The raft creates a support structure for the object being printed, which can be easily removed once the print is complete.

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The Brim is another 3D printing technique that can be used to create larger prints with complex geometries. The Brim creates a solid base for the object being printed, which helps to prevent warping and other issues during the printing process.

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3d printed modelWhat is a brim?

What is a brim? A brim is the edge of a 3D-printed object that sits on top of the build platform. Brims are used to increase the adhesion of an object to the build platform and also help to prevent warping.

How do you decide whether to use a raft or Brim on your print?

There are two main types of supports for 3D printing: rafts and brims. Rafts are layers of material that sit underneath your object, providing support during the printing process. Brims, on the other hand, are flat sheets of material surrounding your object, giving it support from all sides.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages depending on your specific print job. Rafts are typically used for larger prints or when printed objects need to be very strong or durable.

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Which one should you use?

Just remember that rafts are a layered platform that supports your object as it prints, while brims act as a border around your model to help prevent warping. Generally speaking, if you’re uncertain about which option to choose, it’s usually best to go with a raft.




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