Additive Manufacturing Facility Accreditation from DNV

DNV sees 3D printing as a disruptive technology that enables the development of new designs and products and fundamentally changes the way parts are made and the method by which new products are manufactured. DNV also sees 3D printing as a technology that will increase productivity and lower operating costs for shipyards and oil and gas companies.

Additive Manufacturing Facility Accreditation from DNV

DDM is one of the world’s leading providers of digital manufacturing solutions for the aerospace, defense, and marine industries. DDM provides assembly, test and maintenance, production planning, inspection, and innovative services. DDM is an employee-owned company in New York, Baltimore, Cleveland, and South Korea.

“The certification of the High Performance Hybrid Printer for manufacturing complex, large-scale 3D printed parts for the marine industry is an important milestone for DNV GL. We are glad to work closely with our customer and to be able to facilitate the adoption of this new technology in the maritime sector,” stated Natalie Glyngnadottir, Maritime Innovation Manager at DNV GL – Maritime.

Organization: Digital Design and Manufacturing (DDM)

Product: Sigma Labs, Inc.

Industry: Aerospace, Defense, and Marine

battleship“DNV is an important certification body that represents the pinnacle of independence and expertise. No one else has this level of credibility in the maritime industry,” said Todd Grimm, President of ABS. “By working together, we’ll be able to provide the ABS High-Quality Certification Mark for 3D-printed parts for export through DNV GL’s Digital Assurance program. This certification will ensure that the ABS standards for quality and performance are met without exceptions.

“We were able to demonstrate that we were able to build ships and boat parts that meet the highest quality standards and class specifications,” explains Bjørnar Gjellemyr, Production Manager at Norsepower in Norway. “The partnership with DNV is a milestone for us, as it opens up new opportunities to other shipyards and marine industry participants who wish to utilize our technology,” says Hans Jørgen Aurvåg, CEO of Norsepower.

Prototype 3d PrintingOne of the world’s most significant classification and certification organizations, DNV is authorized to approve 3D printing and additive manufacturing items. DNV values taking a leading position in facilitating the emergence of new technologies because of an extended history of acting as a responsible, autonomous partner to the maritime and oil and gas industries.

3d printerFor its metal additive manufacturing service, on-demand digital manufacturing company Protolabs was awarded ‘Qualification of Manufacturer’ accreditation by DNV GL. Protolabs is the first company to utilize powder bed fusion (PBF) 3D printing to receive certification from DNV for meeting the requirements for part performance and equipment safety in the oil and gas sector.


Elsewhere, DNV GL released its first classification guideline for using AM technologies in maritime, oil, and gas industries. The 48-page report is an example of what authorities believe may be a paradigm change in ship maintenance and repair. It covers every facet of the procedure, from prototype to producing tools and spare components.

In more recent news, DNV GL released its first product supplement for assessing the safety aspects of 3D printing. The new product supplement is an outlook on the possible risks with this new additive manufacturing technology, which is quickly becoming a standard in manufacturing. It is an indispensable resource for building, utilizing, and maintaining 3D printing equipment and systems.

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In October 2016, DNV GL acquired Veracity Research Services from Veritas. The acquisition includes Veritas’s North American Oil & Gas Practice (renamed DNV GL Veritas Oil & Gas) and North American classification business (renamed DNV GL Veritas Classification).

The oil and gas industry is a multi-billion dollar marketplace. 3D printers have been used by oil and gas companies for years, but evolving standards have needed to be faster to keep up with the technology. DNV GL’s certification underscores the importance of the additive manufacturing process to oil and gas companies worldwide.

Protolabs was founded in 2000 to serve customers whose ideas change the world. It is committed to delivering value through high-quality, accessible solutions that improve productivity and profitability. The maritime sector is currently the most vulnerable to the fast-changing technological revolution. Ship designers find it cheaper and more effective to produce items on-site rather than ordering them from traditional manufacturers. As a result, the “Certification of Manufacturer” guidelines will be a helpful tool for the industry.

“We can now create parts that are impossible to machine in traditional ways, efficiencies that have never been seen before in the maritime industry. In the aviation market, DNV GL, in partnership with Norsk Hydro and Aker Solutions, is developing a solution for repairing cracks found in the wings of a Boeing 737. The collaborative effort was announced in May 2016. The new inspection procedure called “Tailored 3D Inspection (T3I)” is based on PC-based digital modeling provided by DNV GL and uses Norsk Hydro’s Epoxysorb system.

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